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The SEO Expert has a big job. They consult about what content to rank, what keywords to rank it for and analyze how to beat the competition on page 1 of the search results.

For SMB’s, small to medium sized businesses, we take a different approach. There is a famous saying; Always begin with the end in mind.

It doesn’t matter whether we do Local SEO or Organic SEO services, we first need to agree on what is the desired outcome of our actions. It’s never as simple as get me to page 1. Why? Because when you get there, then what?

If someone visits your website and leaves without taking some kind of action, that’s a problem. I recommend sending traffic to a professional landing page that includes a simple email optin form.

There’s also a very powerful way to follow up on site visitors without capturing their email addresses. Call us at 855-869-9200 to find out more.

My preferred approach is to use the fastest ranking techniques first and then branch out to other processes if necessary.

I like to create videos such as testimonials, client stories and anything related to changes or milestones in the company. On the description part of these videos, we use SEO strategies and we place a link that directs viewers to your landing page and makes them a great offer in exchange for their email address.

I like to use a little known video marketing format and a special kind of press release to rank client videos and it works every time.

Essentially we are doing proper SEO for a video so it will rank well and channeling the video viewer traffic so we can grab their email address. We do this so we can follow up with some irresistible automated content so they will gladly become clients, customers or patients in the case of our Medical Professional friends.

The Vancouver SEO Expert needs to remember the goal and tailor all of their actions to the end result. That’s what we do and it works every time.

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