Top local SEO Marketing and Search Engine Optimization For Restaurants

Local Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization For Restaurants

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Since many customers will look to the internet when they are looking for a local business or restaurant, it is important for you to have a strong, optimized presence on the web. Nowadays, the vast majority of small business owners have constructed a web site, however, constructing a website is not of much value unless you can attract targeted visitors who are potential customers to it. That is the reason you need effective local SEO marketing. (see

A Top local SEO Marketing firm like Grow Smart Marketing can assist you in obtaining targeted web traffic in a number of ways. So let’s take a look at some of the ways in which we can assist you.

On-Site Optimization
First, we will assist you in identifying the keywords that are most likely to be used when local clients are searching for a business/restaurant in your niche. This is called keyword research, and we will identify a number of competitive terms along with a larger number of less competitive terms, called long tail keywords that you should rank for. We will then assist you in creating content and optimizing your site, so that you will be able to rank well in the search engines for your terms of interest. Keep in mind, that it will take some time and effort to rank for terms that are competitive.

In addition, since so many internet searches are now being performed on mobile devices, it is likely that your local SEO marketing firm will also recommend that you have a responsive website design or small business mobile website, if you do not already have one. Sites that are designed responsively will determine the resolution of the accessing device (a smartphone, tablet, or desktop) and then adjust the content of the site accordingly, so that it will still work well on phones and tablets with their smaller screens.  In any event, it is extremely important that your site render well on mobile devices, since most internet searches are now being performed from mobile devices. See for more info on creating a professional mobile website for you business.

Google Places Page

Since many local searches shown in Google’s search results are from Google Places, it is also very important that an optimized Google Places page is created for your business. This needs to be performed by a local SEO marketing company with experience in optimizing Google Places, but basically it will entail uploading ten images and five videos with titles that are optimized for your local keywords of interest. In addition, your SEO firm will have to create numerous citations and references to your Places page and website in order to make it rank well in the local search engine results pages. And there are numerous other considerations for creating a highly optimized Google Places page in addition to these.

Links To Your Site

Links to a site have long been a factor in obtaining good rankings in the search engine results, and they are still important. Your local search engine optimization firm will assist you in obtaining links from other sites that are relevant to your niche with appropriate anchor texts in order to rank well for your keywords of interest.

Social Media Presence

It is important that you have strong social media marketing services on all of the major social media platforms. You can engage with potential customers on these sites and obtain some web traffic directly from them. In addition, in order to rank well in search engine results, it is necessary to have a social media presence, since a social media “buzz” is a search engine ranking factor. And of course, as part of your social media campaigns, it is a good idea to have a presence on Google Plus.

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